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  About The Author

According to legend, Brandon Carter has been one of the top personal trainers and nutritionists in North America for over 10 years. He has worked as a fitness model for Nike, Puma, Adidas, Men’s Health, and many others.

Brandon has trained a number of professional athletes and models.

At the time of this writing, Brandon’s YouTube page has well over 40 million views and over 350,000 subscribers. His Facebooks page has well over A MILLION mother fucking likes!

Brandon is the author of the #1 best selling ebook “Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets To Burn Fast As Hell”. This literary masterpiece has been on Amazon’s Best Seller List for over a year and counting. The astonishing success of this book has further cemented Brandon’s reputation as an authority figure in the fitness industry.

Brandon Carter was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. He went on to study Marketing at Howard University’s prestigious School of Business. Brandon works full time as CEO of “ Bro Laboratories ”, a sports nutrition company that makes the best bodybuilding supplements the world has ever seen.

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If you’re anything like me, you have always felt like you were meant to be much more than average. You have always felt like you had more to contribute. You know you were meant to do something great but you haven’t been given the proper guidance or motivation to rise to that level. If any of this is true, then this book is for you!


If you have not achieved a substantial level of “awesomeness” in your life, I want you to know that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Your whole life you have been lied to by the media and companies that perpetuate lies about success. They have lied to you deliberately! I am going to tell you why they do this and how to prevent it from happening to you anymore!

I am going to give you the real deal truth about what it takes to BE AWESOME and what it takes to become successful. Here’s just a bit of what you will learn in this book…

-The REAL “Secret” to success that nobody wants to tell you

-Achieve massive success with less effort than you ever thought

-How to rise above failure like a champion

-The one simple trick to building rock solid self-confidence

-How to accomplish all your goals fast as hell

-How to instantly overcome fear and insecurity

-5 simple tips to overcome fear of failure

-How to build habits that will instantly put you on the fast track to success

And much much more…

Again, this book is not for people who want to be like everyone else. This book is not for people who are okay with living average lives — this book is exclusively for people who want to be FUCKING AWESOME !


Let me tell you about the moment I discovered the power of BEING AWESOME . When I was an 18 year old freshman in in college, I had a huge crush on a girl name Brittany. One sunny afternoon, I was in front of the cafeteria talking to her and her friends. On that day I had on my best clothes, my favorite cologne, and some brand new sneakers. I wore all of that on this particular day because I knew I would see Brittany after lunch.

I was going out of my way to impress Brittany and her friend. I was going out of my way to make her and her friends laugh and keep them entertained. Everything was going great.  They were responding to me and enjoying the stand up comedy spectacle I was putting on… Until “James” showed up.

James wasn’t a student at our college (I’m pretty sure he didn’t even graduate from high school) but still, he was “Awesome”. He was wealthy, famous, talented, and in amazing shape.

When Brittany and her friends realized that James was on campus, they leaped from the bench they were sitting on and literally ran past me while I was in the middle of a sentence! My heart sank as Erica pushed me out of the way as she and her friends ran towards James.

The wave of depression engulfed my soul as Brittany, her friends, and a bunch of other girls from campus mobbed James to talk to and take pictures with him.

I realized that I was doing everything I could, working as hard as possible to impress this girl, but James did not have to do ANYTHING. He just had to show up!

Why was it so easy for James? Well, because he was AWESOME!

At that moment I made a commitment to becoming AWESOME too. It took a lot of hard work and a ton of trial and error but I finally reached a level where I can call myself AWESOME.

I am a bestselling author of multiple books. My Facebook page has over one million likes. My YouTube page has over 40 million views. I own multiple businesses and work for myself as a full-time entrepreneur. I have been a fitness model for Nike, Adidas, Men’s Health etc… But understand, I am not awesome because of those things. Those accolades are merely the result of being AWESOME.

This book is about how to become AWESOME. Once you are AWESOME success is inevitable!

Here is some more of what you will learn in this book…

-What’s the purpose of YOUR life?

-How to stop being a little bitch

-How to become the «HERO» of your own life story

-How to instantly motivate yourself to accomplish goals faster

-How to exercise your brain to gain almost superhuman power

-And much much more

Introduction: The Benefits of Being Awesome

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

-Steve Martin

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word Awesome as “causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe : extremely good ”

Would you consider yourself “extremely good” at anything? Does your business sell a product or service that is “ extremely good”. Most people are not “ extremely good” at anything and that is why “Awesome” Is in short supply.

The shortage of “Awesome” is a good thing for you!!! It is good because when you become “Awesome”, you set yourself apart from everyone else. You are no longer competing with anyone which makes it a lot easier for you to succeed because everybody wants “Awesome”.

“Awesome” is always in demand. People pay a premium price for anything “Awesome”.  Everybody wants “Awesome”, but very few people are willing to put in the work necessary to become “Awesome”.

Doing what’s necessary to become awesome, often times the harder choice, is what separates winners from losers.

      Why The Whole World Needs You To Become Awesome

All advancement in human history, every great piece of art, every disease that was cured, every technology that was invented has come from someone who was awesome.

Mahatma Gandhi … Awesome

Mother Teresa … Awesome

Albert Einstein … Awesome

Nelson Mandela … Awesome

Nikola Tesla … Awesome

Sigmund Freud … Awesome

Leonardo Da Vinci … Awesome

Winston Churchill … Awesome

Isaac Newton … Awesome

Confucius … Awesome

Charles Darwin … Awesome

Thomas Edison … Awesome

William Shakespeare … Awesome

Steve Jobs… Awesome

Socrates … Awesome

Alexander the Great … Awesome

Muhammad Ali … Awesome

Jackie Robinson … Awesome

Friedrich Nietzsche … Awesome

Gautama Buddha … Awesome

Martin Luther King Jr… Awesome

Abraham Lincoln… Awesome

The Wright Brothers… Awesome

Awesome people accomplish things that make the world better for all of us. «Average» or «regular» people don’t do that. Average people just kind of consume resources, take up space, and benefit from the hard work of the awesome people. We do not need any more «average» people. Earth is flooded with «average», but “Awesome” is in very short supply.

We have a lot of issues on earth that need to be solved (cancer, poverty, terrorism, famine, climate change, obesity in both children and adults, religious extremism, racism, etc…) and the ONLY way these problems are going to be solved is if awesome people step up and solve them. Brittan

    Time Is Limited

Pretty soon, you are all going to die. You, all of your friends, your family, everyone you know, everyone you care about is going to die. Everything you love is only temporary. You’re going to die, bro. You don’t know when either. It might be tomorrow. It might be today. While you are alive you need to put in the effort required to accomplish things. You need to put in effort. Life is about action. You need to be going for yours 100 mother fuckin’ percent.

You have a very limited amount of time. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to waste it? Are you going to waste it running around, bullshitting, jacking-off and playing video games, or are you going to go out there and accomplish something? When you die, are the people who knew you going to say that the world is better because of you? Will people say that your time here improved the lives of the people that come after you? If there’s any doubt in your mind, NOW is the time to change that.

What do you want? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want out of life? Whatever it is you need to be going for it right now. I don’t mean, “YOLO let’s all get fucking drunk and high and run around and try to fuck as many bitches as we can.» That’s not what the fuck I mean. That’s an immature and foolish way of living. It’s selfish to live your life that way.

You’ve got to understand, we’re all standing on shoulders of giants. The technology rich life we live, all the amenities and creature comforts we have learned to take for granted, is because of the people who put in serious work before us. Had it not been for the abolitionists, I’d be a fucking slave right now. I’d be picking cotton somewhere. Had Thomas Edison not invented the lightbulb, I would be writing this in the dark!

We all benefit from awesome people who put in hard work before us. It’s your duty as a human being to put in that same amount of hard work now so people in your time and after you are better off because of your effort. All great nations were built off stoicism, hard work, and people who went out in the unknown and made shit happen. What if Martin Luther King abandoned his objective just to have a good time and be left alone? Where would we be as a nation?

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